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Commercial Fertilization

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Everyone that owns or manages a commercial property, at one time or another, that saw another commercial property’s green, lush landscape has said to themselves, “Wow, I wish my property looked like that”.

Then they probably went to on to ponder if they watering their commercial landscape enough, etc.

What most business owner’s and property managers probably don’t know or often tend to forget, is that fertilization is one of the most important parts to maintaining a gorgeous, vibrant commercial property’s landscape.

The reason fertilization is often forgotten about is usually because most people remember about photosynthesis from grade school when we were younger.

Yeah, we know, it’s a word, and process for that matter, most of us haven’t used or even thought about in quite a while.

In simple terms, photosynthesis means that plants can make their own food from water and light.

Even with photosynthesis all plants need nutrients and minerals they cannot create and need from other sources.

Commercial Fertilization

When should I fertilize?

Each plant grows on different cycles. For this reason, the number of times each year and the time of year will vary dependent on the needs of each individual plant.

Commercial Fertilization truck-sprayer

How much do I use?

Just like when to fertilize, how much to use will also vary depending on the type and size of plant. Another thing to consider is the type of fertilizer to be used.

Here at Ultimate Image Land Care, we formulate every fertilization plan based on the needs of the property.

Some properties need certain invasive weeds controlled and some properties simply need more nutrients.

Regardless of what treatment your commercial landscape needs, you can rest assured that Ultimate Image Land Care will your property lush and vibrant.

And after all, a great looking landscape shows the entire community your business is thriving and is a nice place to visit.

If you think your commercial landscape may need fertilization service, feel free to contact us any time and we can discuss any issues you’re having and formulate the correct course of action. We are always here to help!

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