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Commercial Pressure Washing

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It is crucial never to underestimate the impact your premises and its surroundings can have on the commercial viability of your business. If customers or clients are visiting your premises, or merely passing by, making an excellent first impression is vital. If you want to truly impress customers, make sure the exterior of your premises are clean.

Commercial pressure washing for your concrete, awnings, windows, columns, sidewalks, decking, or patios, is the easy way to ensure they are always kept in top condition.

Any successful business owner will tell you that the grind of maintaining and cleaning commercial properties seems to be never-ending. Commercial properties that experience significant traffic can very quickly become a little shabby or run down.

The Benefits of Using a Pressure Washer to Clean Your Commercial Property

Everyone knows that first impressions mean a great deal in business transactions. However, while curb appeal is an important aspect of building cleanliness, it is not the only reason in today's world to keep your premises clean.

Pressure washed premises will look more inviting

The ability to make a strong first impression is one of the greatest marketing tools for any business. If you're looking to maintain your existing client base as well as attract new customers, it is vital that you keep your premises looking as sharp as possible.

Whether you hire a commercial pressure washer or buy and up-keep an electric pressure washer to maintain your premises, it will be a cleaner and far more attractive proposition for any prospective customer.

Create a sanitary environment for your customers

On top of being dingy, properties that are unkempt, give a sign to customer about the level of service they should expect to receive from companies. Dirty premises will also end up being a breeding ground for mildew, mold, and bacteria.

Pressure washing can easily kill any of these harmful contaminants before they cause further damage, as well as help, prevent their return. This shows both your customers and employees that you respect both them and their health and well-being.


Protect Employees and Visitors

Your plants and turf being damaged aren't the only concern when it comes to pests. Pests can also be a nuisance for your employees and customers visiting your business.

Pest Damage

Expensive Replacement Costs

Pests can cause extensive damage to plants if not caught early enough. They can destroy commercial landscapes in a matter of weeks, costing thousands of dollars to replace.

Save time, money and prolong the life of a building and its surroundings

Maintaining a commercial property can be a significant commitment. Cleaning the exterior without the help of a commercial pressure washer or commercial pressure washing company could prove to be dangerous, costly, and time-consuming.

If you are running a successful business, it is highly unlikely that you will have the time, equipment, or possibly even the skills to clean it professionally and maintain the equipment, yourself. Working with unfamiliar equipment and finding yourself in potentially dangerous situations, it's just not worth the risk.

Leave your pressure washing needs to the professionals and let us help maintain and prolong the life of your building and its surroundings.

The Advantages of Professional Power Washing

If your commercial premises require pressure washing, you may want to consider employing the services of a commercial cleaning partner. If you are on the fence about doing so, here are some of the significant advantages of working with a professional pressure washing company.

Get the benefit of the latest technology

Despite what you may think, there's more to a commercial pressure washer than just some water and a hose. Professional pressure washing companies use the most advanced and powerful equipment and provide the best training to their staff. By always using the best quality products available to them, experienced companies can ensure that both your premises and its surroundings will be cleaned efficiently and safely every time.

Prevent avoidable damage

As with any major maintenance project, there is always an element of risk attached. An injury to people or damage caused to property due to inexperience or a lack of training is not uncommon. Professional-grade pressure washing machines are powerful; in the wrong hands, they can prove quite tricky to operate. To avoid both injury and/or damage, you need professional training, as well as knowledge and experience to use them safely.

Reduce any impact on the environment

Because professional cleaning companies can buy their products in bulk, they have access to professional-grade cleaners that are more eco-friendly. These allow them to thoroughly clean your premises and eliminate any contaminants without causing significant damage to the environment.

Get the job done faster

Professional pressure washing teams are trained and certified to complete their projects thoroughly and efficiently. They will get the work completed in a far shorter time than it would take for you to complete. This will allow you to focus your energy and skills on doing something more productive.

Zero hassle

I'm pretty sure if you've ever tried to pressure wash your business before you soon realized that you lacked the requisite knowledge, experience, equipment, and tools. Professional cleaning companies will send their teams to your premises fully equipped. They will arrive with everything they need to complete the job in a professional, timely, and safe manner.

Schedule Regular Pressure Washing

Once you find a pressure washing service that you trust, it's essential to schedule a routine cleaning. This will help maintain the image and integrity of your company and property. If you let your premises become too run down or dirty between cleanings, there is the possibility of extra wear and tear. The work involved just to bring it back "up to snuff", can sometimes cost more than regular maintenance.

Furthermore, this extra grime and dirt can easily mask other issues that are just waiting to arise. To prevent further problems down the road, schedule in a regular commercial cleaning, and keep your property looking its best.

Some benefits you may not have considered

While some of the reasons to keep your premises and its surroundings clean may be quite apparent, others may be more subtle. For example, we are commercial partners with many businesses; some of them have decking, others have patio areas, and many that utilize the sidewalks outside their premises. These business owners are keenly aware that the competition in their neighborhood is steep.

Most business owners will take any competitive advantage available to them to attract new clients, especially considering industries like restaurants where customers have numerous different options to choose from in the area. They understand the role Curb appeal plays when people are choosing a restaurant. If the outside of the premises does not look clean, it's highly unlikely that people are willing to step in the door.

Passersby will just choose a location that looks more attractive

Premises that serve food are subject to stringent health codes; most of these require that owners keep their sidewalks, patios, and decking extremely clean. Employing the services of a pressure washing company will help keep your sidewalks up to snuff and in line with health codes.

If your business has a large exterior, over time, dust, dirt, mildew, and grime will build up in every walkway, parking lot, parking garages, or the building itself. Professional pressure washing partners will be able to offer you an affordable commercial exterior cleaning service. They can safely remove any mold, mildew, or any other harmful materials while ensuring that your commercial building, landscaping, and roof remain free from damage.

Debris and dust that is left untreated will gradually erode paint siding and wood; it can also leave permanent staining on both brick and stone. Whether you have painted block, aluminum awnings, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, brick pavers, a parking lot, or multiple parking garages, we are able to make your shine.

If you own a large or medium business or a brand new LLC and you're nervous about keeping the exterior of your premises safe, we can also implement a method known as soft washing. To put it simply, this involves using how much lower pressure (PSI) in the washing than you would traditionally. Soft washing can be used to treat exterior surfaces that need to be cleaned delicately but still retaining the core cleaning power.

What is the main reason companies choose to partner with us?

Out teams appreciate entirely that a successful business is only as strong as its public image. When we partner with companies, we view it as our duty to protect their investment. Our commercial partners soon begin to understand that a clean property and building sends a clear statement to both their employees and customers. This business takes pride in itself and is thriving.

Through the years, we have encountered many facilities that, at first sight, seemed to be neglected or even in some cases, just forgotten. It was hardly surprising that a visitor was utterly unaware that companies existed in these premises. Clearly that kind of appearance makes a visitor question whether they even want to do business with that type of organization.

Having had success in helping such property owners, many now understand the importance of regular pressure washing. More importantly, the impact their public appearance can have on the success and failure of their business.

We have the pleasure of being commercial cleaning partners with many different businesses, but we specialize in providing solutions for companies that fall in the following five categories.

  • Small, Medium, and Large Commercial Properties
  • Government Buildings (County, State, Municipal)
  • Multi-Tenant Facilities
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Property Management Companies

As a Commercial Pressure Washing Company, we will provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Pressure Washing Sidewalks
  • Pressure Washing Driveways
  • Pressure Washing Buildings
  • Pressure Washing Patios
  • Pressure Washing Wood Decks
  • Pressure Washing Fencing

Owning a pressure washer is one thing but having the skills and training it takes to use one safely and maintain one, without doing any long term damage to property is a different story. Our partners trust us because we bring years of experience; they understand that we always use the cleaning solutions and techniques that produce the best results.

If you're looking for a commercial cleaning partner, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can arrange a free site survey and quote today.

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