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Commercial Irrigation

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One of the most crucial parts of maintaining a beautiful landscape is irrigation. As any Central Florida resident knows, weeks and sometimes months can pass with little to no rain at all.

Even though professional commercial landscape designers choose the best possible plants and turf for the area, water is still essential for them to look their best.

That’s why Ultimate Image Land Care strives to maintain their spot as the best Orlando commercial irrigation company.

We provide the best commercial irrigation and irrigation repair in the Orlando and Central Florida area. Don't pay too much. Contact us today for free quote.

Proper irrigation starts with a good plan. When planning an irrigation project many factors come into play.

The type of grass, size of the commercial property, the current, if any, irrigation system being used are all key pieces of information that help determine the scope of every commercial irrigation system.

Calculating the proper amount of water needed to maintain your commercial landscape at its peak health and appearance is also important.

Often times business owners and property managers think the solution to a problem landscape is simply to add more water.

While in some instances and for a very short length of time this may solve a problem or two temporarily, this is simply not the proper solution.

Your commercial landscape can easily be over-watered when not properly maintained.

Over-watering is not only expensive and simply wastes water in most settings that aren’t using reclaimed water, it’s also sometimes illegal due to watering restrictions imposed by local cities counties, and municipalities.

water restrictions

Water Restrictions

Even with water restrictions, businesses with a proper irrigation system should have no problem at all maintaining a luscious landscape and even save money in the process.

Landscape Irrigation

Too Much Water

Believe it or not, too much water is almost as bad as not enough water. Over-watering will give the appearance of a sickly, yellow look on most turf and plants.

The lawn portion of commercial property is also one of the biggest factors in planning the right irrigation system.

Some type of lawns simply require a lot more water than others to look their best. Lawn types such as Saint Augustine require a much larger amount or regular watering than a type such as Bahia.

Regardless of your commercial property’s lawn type, we always try to stay under or at your budget.

We know that it’s important for commercial business owners and property managers to stay within the budget you have planned and will work with you to ensure it remains on target throughout the entire process.

The installation process is usually quick and never really that complicated in most situations.

After the planning and design stage is finished, our professional irrigation technicians will arrive at your commercial property and begin installation.

Most of the time it takes less than a week to complete and there is very little, if any, disruption involved in the normal operation of your business or property.

Commercial Irrigation

After completion, we will sit down with you and inform you of the needed maintenance moving forward.

At that time, we can offer you a service plan to maintain your newly installed irrigation system and keep it running at its peak performance.

Or maybe you might just have issues with your current irrigation system. You may have broken sprinklers or it may not be running at all.

Have you noticed tons of water spraying out from a certain point when your sprinklers and on and running?

Do any of your sprinklers seemed clogged or they’re not spraying properly?

Are any of the sprinklers spraying in the wrong direction and even onto sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, or buildings?

These are some of the most obvious conditions that need immediate attention that will likely save you money on a monthly basis.

From broken sprinkler heads to damaged irrigation controllers, we can repair and help prevent the reoccurrence any of those problems on any commercial irrigation system imaginable.

We offer full service maintenance plans that virtually eliminate any on-going issues and can save you money on monthly water utility bills.

If you’re ready to find out what you needed or if you have already spoken to another commercial irrigation company and want a second opinion, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are always here to help.

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